No Poverty

What does it say in the Bible about poverty?

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy." — Proverbs 31:8-9

4 Maple’s ‘Compassion’ class led worship

4 Maple created a wonderful class led worship which reflected the life of a refugee in the most poignant and thought-provoking way. Through the art of ‘visioning’, we reflected on the safety, the security and the warmth we possess in our own lives which enabled us to fully empathise with the experiences a refugee faces. Please click here to read the script they performed for everyone.

Here are some other texts that have helped us to understand the life of a refugee and ensure we fully develop our Christian values.

Refugee Day at St Bartholomew’s Primary school

We wanted to make a difference to our local community and heard about the plight of refugees. We learnt about refugees around the world and how they leave their homes and belongings in search for a better life for themselves and their family and we wanted to help.

We held a fundraising event where we came to school in our pyjamas and donated money. We also brought in 'essential' items such as food, water, clothing and toys, which would help a family who had nothing.


We raised over £400 and presented this cheque, along with the donated goods, to the Refugee and Migrant Centre in Wolverhampton.

Further information regarding this centre and how to further support them can be found here

What did we learn from Refugee Day?​


'We take more things than we know for granted.' Gurmukh

'I learnt that we should be nicer to people in need.' Tyler

'How important it is to help a refugee.' Tia

'To be respectful to others.' Ishaan

'I learnt that donating to refugees is crucial for them to live a happy and healthy life.' Aryan

'When refugees reach safety, they still struggle for resources.' Tom

'To be grateful for what we have.' Hayden

Using texts to help us understand how poverty affects lives

Across the school, a range of literature has been used to help children to understand the real-life struggles people around the world are facing. Delving into a text, enables us to understand difficult and troubling situations in an empathetic, compassionate way. This particular example, by Riya in 5 Beech, was trying to capture the struggle marginalised characters have as a result of their poverty - stricken lives.


At St Bartholomew’s Primary School, we feel the work Comic Relief do is hugely important to not only helping vulnerable people in the UK but also in the world’s poorest countries. We are proud to be a part of this wonderful charity which is why, every year for the past 10 years, our Year 6 superstars work tirelessly to organise and create a range of ways to raise as much awareness and money for this important cause as they can. This award is in recognition to all of our amazing efforts we made in our school for Sports Relief which also placed us as one of the top fundraisers in the UK.